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Sikkim is a small state in eastern India. The capital of the state is Gangtok. The state of Sikkim can be divided into four regions and they are North Sikkim, South Sikkim, East Sikkim and West Sikkim. Lying at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range, Sikkim is a picturesque state which is home to verdant landscapes and snow-capped peaks. The name was derived from the expressions ‘Su’ and ‘Him’ that mean a beautiful house. Around 40% of the overall territory of Sikkim is wooded.

Geographical location of Sikkim

The coordinates of the state of Sikkim (Gangtok) are 27.33° North latitude and 88.62° East longitude. Sikkim shares its boundaries with the Tibet Autonomous Region (China) in the north and east, Nepal to the west, and Bhutan in the east.

Some interesting facts and figures about Sikkim

  • Area: 7,096 km2 (2,740 sq miles).
  • Elevation: Ranging from 280-8,585 meters (920-28,000 feet).
  • Climate: Majority of the peopled areas in the state experience a temperate weather in the summer months. During summer in Sikkim, the maximum temperature is 28°C and the minimum temperature is 13°C. The maximum temperature during winter is 15°C and the minimum temperature frequently goes down below 0°C.
  • Rainfall: The average annual rainfall is around 325 cm or 128 inches.
  • Largest city: Gangtok
  • Capital city: Gangtok
  • Population: 610,577 (2011)
  • Chief Minister: Pawan Chamling
  • Languages Spoken: English, Nepali, Lepcha, Bhutia, Limbu, Gurung, Newari, Sherpa, Magar and Tamang tribal languages.
  • Best season to visit: From March to May.

State symbols

  • Animal: Red Panda
  • Bird: Blood pheasant
  • Tree: Rhododendron
  • Flower: Noble Orchid

The major places of interest in the state of Sikkim

The Government of Sikkim has taken a number of initiatives to develop the travel and tourism sector of the state. For the convenience of tourists, all the tourist draws in the state have been categorized into four parts: East, West, North and South Sikkim. Therefore, the most famous tourist attractions in the state of Sikkim are as follows:

East Sikkim

Gangtok, the capital of the state, is the principal tourist draw of the area. The elevation of the place is 1,676 meters. In colloquial terms, Gangtok refers to the town on the hilltop. Gangtok features a blend of conventional generosity and multi-ethnic mindset. Visit the following places in and around Gangtok: Read More….

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West Sikkim

Pelling, The distance of Pelling from Gangtok is 125 km, from Bagdogra Airport it is 148 km, from NJP (New Jalpaiguri) Railway Station it is 133 km, and from Darjeeling it is 125 km. Pelling is a serene village with an elevation of 6,100 feet and you will enjoy the captivating sights of Mount Kanchenjungha. There are many lodges and hotels where you can stay. Read More….

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North Sikkim

La-Chung It is a picturesque Bhutiya settlement with an elevation of 8,610 feet or 2,684 meters. The climate is immaculate and the place is famous for its waterfalls, rivers, and mountains. The distance of Yum Thang Valley from Lachung is just 24 km. Beer lovers will enjoy the local beer (Tongba) made from millet. Read More….

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South Sikkim

Ravangla is a tiny settlement and it acts as a gateway to many travelers draws in the western and southern parts of the state. You can visit Borong and Maenam Hill from here and it is ideal for trekking lovers. Visit Shar Chok Bephu which is one of the most sacred caves in the state. Read More….

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How to Reach Sikkim

By Air: At present, there is no airport in Sikkim since it features a rugged landscape. Nonetheless, the 1st airport of the state, Pakyong Airport, was designed to be accomplished in the year 2012, and the distance from the capital is 19 miles or 30 km. It was said that the airport will have the capacity to run ATR airplane. Presently, the Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri, West Bengal is the most proximal functional airport to Sikkim. The distance from Gangtok is approximately 124 km. A regular helicopter service is available which links Bagdogra with Gangtok and it is operated by the Sikkim Helicopter Service. The duration of the journey is about 30 minutes and is available just one time in a day and four tourists can travel on that. The helipad in Gangtok is the sole civilian helipad in the territory. Read More….

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