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18 Apr

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary: Of Myriad..

The huge expanse of grasslands with scraps of riverine forests--- Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary--- is nestled at the Eastern Himalayan foothill on...

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Silk Route Sikkim

10 Apr

Silk Route Sikkim: Where Natural Beauty..

Embodying the rare juxtaposition of history and natural beauty, the old Silk Route to Sikkim marks the ancient mountainous road which connected...

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Kashmir of Odisha Daringbadi

5 Apr

Daringbadi: The Kashmir of..

Also known as the Kashmir of Odisha, Daringbadi is a top-rated tourist attraction of eastern India It is a hill station in Odisha, located at an...

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Ayodhya Hills

28 Mar

Ayodhya Hills: The Gem of Purulia |..

The picturesque Ayodhya Hills form a part of the Dalma Mountain Range They are a popular tourist attraction in eastern India Lying on the borders of...

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Purulia district

8 Mar

Baranti Purulia- A Visitor’s..

Picturesquely located in Purulia district in the state of West Bengal, Baranti is a tiny village known for its scenic beauty It is a tribal village...

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