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Bihar is a major state in Eastern India. In terms of area, Bihar ranks as the 12th largest state in India. It is the birthplace of religions like Jainism and Buddhism. It also played a key role behind the development of the Sikh religion and Hinduism. During the olden days, it was known in the name of Magadha. The capital of the state is Patna. Patna is famous for its colorful past and grandeur as well. It serves as one of the major commercial hubs in Eastern India. Its contribution to the cultural and academic development of India is simply unparalleled. The expression Bihar originated from ‘Vihara’, which refers to Buddhist monastery. You will find a number of mosques, tombs, temples, and monasteries in the state that bear testimony to its glorious past.

Geographical location of Bihar

The state of Bihar lies between 24°20’10” North and 27°31’15” North latitudes and between 83°19’50” East and 88°17’40” East longitudes. The state of Bihar shares its boundaries with Nepal in the north, Uttar Pradesh to the west, Jharkhand to the south, and Northern segment of West Bengal in the east.

Some interesting facts and figures about Bihar

  • Area: 94,163 km2 (36,357 sq miles).
  • Elevation: The mean elevation above sea surface is 53 meters or 173 feet.
  • Climate: Bihar features a diverse climate throughout the year. During the summer months, Bihar is very warm. The maximum temperature documented is around 40°C and the minimum is 27°C. The maximum temperature in the winter months is around 10°C and the minimum is 0°C.
  • Rainfall: The state of Bihar experiences an annual rainfall of approximately 1,800 mm.
  • Largest city: Patna
  • Capital city: Patna
  • Population: 103,804,637 (2011)
  • Chief Minister: Nitish Kumar
  • Languages Spoken: Hindi, Bhojpuri, Angika, Maithili, Magadhi, and Urdu.
  • Best season to visit: Between October and March.

State symbols

  • Animal: Gaur
  • Bird: House sparrow
  • Tree: Peepal
  • Flower: Kanchnar

The major places of interest in the state of Bihar

Bihar can be divided into four distinct regions and they are Bhojpur, Anga, Mithila, and Magadha. People come to Nalanda to see the Nalanda Multimedia Museum and the historic Buddhist University. Sasaram houses the burial place of Sher Shah Suri and Valmiki Nagar houses a famous national tiger reserve. Bhagalpur is the biggest city in the Anga region and Darbhanga is regarded as the cultural capital of the state. The most visited tourist attractions in Bihar are as follows: Read More….

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How to Reach Bihar

By Air: There are three functional airports in Bihar and they are Gaya Airport (in Gaya), Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan Airport (in Patna), and Purnea Airport (in Purnea). The Patna Airport enjoys connectivity with Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Kathmandu and Ranchi. Purnea Airport offers flight twice every week to Kolkata and Patna. Improvements are still taking place in the airport and exclusively Spirit Airways offers chartered flights from this place. Read More….

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