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Ayodhya Hills

The picturesque Ayodhya Hills form a part of the Dalma Mountain Range. They are a popular tourist attraction in eastern India. Lying on the borders of the state of Jharkhand and Purulia, Ayodhya Hills are famous for the dense jungles, magnificent waterfalls, tribal settlements, Mayur Hill, and Gorshabru. The diversity of flora and fauna of this area adds to its charm. This is an ideal place for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts for the scenic waterfalls, pristine sky-blue lakes bounded by hills and wide variety of birds. Village walks, birdwatching, rock-climbing, trekking, nature photography and hiking are the popular activities that take place in Ayodhya Hills.

Key Attractions:

Key places to see here are as follows:

  • Gorshabru (the tallest peak of the Ayodhya Hills with an elevation of 2850 feet)
  • Mayur Hill
  • Murra Buru Hill (Pakhi Pahar, famous for the rock paintings of birds)
  • Charida Village (famous for the Chhau masks)
  • Brahmani Falls
  • Ghagkocha Falls
  • Turga Falls
  • Khairaberia Lake
  • Tarpania Lake
  • Lower Ayodhya Dam
  • Upper Ayodhya Dam
  • Dowri Kahal village (known for mud houses decorated with vibrant wall paintings)
  • Rajrappa
  • Murugama Dam
  • Dalma Pahar
  • Wildlife

The fauna of this place typically consists of peacocks, deer, leopard, wolves, different types of birds and wild boars. If you’re a wildlife lover, then this place would certainly interest you.


There is a two-storey accommodation available which offers panoramic views of the Ayodhya Hills. This contemporary homestay accommodation offers state-of-the-art facilities such as attached western-style bathrooms, comfortable beds, electricity and open terraces opposite the hills. This homestay accommodation makes arrangements for sightseeing trips and Chhau dance performance shows for the tourists as well.

Getting There

The closest railway station to Ayodhya Hills is the Barabhum Station. This railway station enjoys excellent connectivity with Howrah Station via the Lalmati Express, Howrah Ranchi Intercity Express and Howrah Chakradharpur Express. The Baghmundi village is quite close to Barabhum and is one of the gateways to Ayodhya Hills. Baghmundi is reachable from Balarampur and Kharagpur through State Highway 5. You can also reach there from Durgapur, Burdwan but it would take some more time and the road condition is better.

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