Jungle Safari: Dooars – North Bengal

When we talk about jungle safari in West Bengal, the two places that come in mind are the terrain area and the foothills of the north east Himalayan range called Dooars and Sunderbans in south. Let us first takeyou to Dooars. The name is derived from the word “Doors” because Dooars is the gateway to the hills in north Bengal, Sikkim, north eastern states in India and Bhutan, our neighbouring country. Dooars extends from the district of Jalpaiguri to Cooch Behar. North Bengal is divided into Hills and Doors region when we talk about tourism. Tourists from all over India and abroad comes to Dooars to taste and feel the adventure in the forests and jungles of Dooars region.

There are a number of wild life sanctuaries and national parks in Dooars region. One can taste the beauty of dense forest with a thrilling adventure when you take a jeep safari or an elephant safari deep inside the forest. Both jeep safari and elephant safari is available at various points in the region under different national parks or wildlife sanctuaries. Jungle Safari is available at different points in Gorumara National Park and Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary.

Jeep Safari

Now the forest department doesn’t allow your car inside the forest. You have to book your ticket to get a seat in the jeep that goes deep into the jungle with six heads excluding the driver and the guide. The green coloured petrol jeeps are soundless and do not distract the wild animals. You can have a glimpse of the famous one horned rhino, bison, leopard, elephant or a herd of elephants etc. The colourful birds will force you to stare your camera lens to them. The journey is so adventurous and thrilling that it would be a life time experience.

Elephant Safari

An elephant safari is much better experience and better way to see the wild animals in the deep forests. An elephant takes you to such a point deep in the jungle where a jeep does not reach. An elephant safari itself is a thrilling experience. The forest department arranges the safari for the tourists but it is hard to book a ticket over there for the elephant ride. There are limitations to the number of tourists for the elephant safari and one has to book a ride well in advance for a sure ride on the day of arrival.

National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Dooars are:

  • Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gorumara National Park
  • Buxa National Park/Buxa Tiger reserve
  • Chapramari Wildlife Reserve
  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chilapata Forest

There are many other and attractive places to visit in Dooars area:

  • Murti
  • Lataguri
  • Samsing
  • Suntalekhola
  • Bindu
  • Jhallong
  • Hasimara
  • Rajabhatkhawa
  • Jayanti
  • Buxaduar
  • Bhutanghat

Pick points:

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks
  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephants Safari
  • Sight of famous one horned Rhino, elephant, leopard, bison etc.
  • A stay deep inside the jungle.
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