The major places of interest in the state of Uttarakhand

There are a number of national parks in Uttarakhand including the Jim Corbett National Park in Nainital, Nanda Devi National Park, and Valley of Flowers National Park. The Valley of Flowers National Park and Nanda Devi National Park jointly constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in the country. The state is famous for its natural beauty, the holy rivers, pilgrimage sites, flora and fauna and adventure sports. Given below are the most visited places in Uttarakhand:


It is one of the most popular hill stations in India. Nainital lies close to Lake Naini in the beautiful district of Kumaon. Sapta Shringa or the seven hills border the town. A perfect vacation spot for mountain lovers, Nainital is also known for its perfumed wax lights. During the British Raj, Nainital was used as a retreat during summertime. You will enjoy the teeming markets, the Mall, and eateries. Horseback riding and boating are two popular activities in Nainital.

Corbett National Park:

The Corbett National Park consists of parts of the Pauri Garhwal, Nainital and Bijnor districts. It derived its name from the well-known hunter turned environmentalist Jim Corbett. The tiger reserve of this park is a top attraction. Elephant and jeep safaris are frequently conducted on a regular basis.


Almora is a historic town and the erstwhile territory of Baichaldeo, the Katyuri monarch. A significant portion of this place was gifted by him to Sri Chand Tiwari, a Gujarati Brahmin. Subsequently, while the Chand monarchy was established in Baramandal, Almora was formally set up by Kalyan Chand in 1560.


Badrinath is famous for the Badrinath temple. Situated on the riverbanks of Alakananda, the place of worship is settled in the middle of the snow-covered peaks of Nar and Narayan. Famous for being a significant religious hub which was reinstated by the Adi Shankaracharya in the 9th century, the Badrinath shrine is devoted to Lord Vishnu.


Gangotri is one of the Chota Char Dham in Uttarakhand. Lying in the Garhwal mountain range of the Himalayas, Gangotri is the site or source from which the Ganga river, the most sacred river for the Hindus, has originated. The distance from Uttarkashi is just 105 km. Gangotri is an ideal place for people who are looking for both escapade and serenity. The Gangotri temple on the riverbanks of Bhagirathi is devoted to Goddess Ganga and the ideal time to visit it is the summer.


The capital of the state and one of the oldest places to be inhabited by people in India, Dehradun lies at the heart of the Doon Valley. It is a very famous hill station for the summer months. It forms a segment of the Garhwal mountainous region. After so many years following its establishment, Dehradun has been able to sustain its colonial era charm. Visit the Tapkeshwar temple, Kalanga monument, Robber’s cave, Malsi Deer Park, Sahasradhara and Sai Darbar.            


Many people come here to visit the Kedarnath Temple. With an elevation of 3,584 meters, Kedarnath houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. The contemporary shrine was constructed by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century close to the place where Pandavas set up a shrine. Forming a part of the Rudraprayag district, Kedarnath is also famous for the Mandakini river, a stream of the Ganges.


Haridwar is also referred to as the Gateway to the Gods. It is one of the 7 most sacred places for the Hindus in India. Religious devotees float lamps on the holy Ganga as a part of Ganga Aarti to venerate their predecessors. Reaching pilgrimages like Badrinath, Hrishikesh, and Kedarnath is also easy from here. Legends say that Gods have left their footmarks in Haridwar.


Mussoorie is another popular hill station in Uttarakhand. The lush green landscape, towering mountains, and diverse wildlife make it a traveler’s favorite. Breathtaking sights of the Doon Valley and the Himalayan Mountain Ranges make it a special destination.


Also referred to as the Queen’s Field, Ranikhet is famous for its scenic beauty. The wife of Raja Sudhardev, Rani Padmini admired this place and decided to set up her own residence in this place. Don’t miss out the views of the snow-clad Nanda Devi peak (with elevation of 7,816 meters), the Jhoola Devi mandir and the golf course. This cantonment and hill station is a part of the Almora district.


Uttarkashi is another holy place in the state and lies on the riverbanks of Bhagirathi. There are many snow-clad mountains that you can see towards the north. It houses Gangotri and Yamunotri, the two sources of the two most sacred rivers of the country. Another name of Uttarkashi is Dev Bhoomi because of its religious importance. Uttarkashi is admired by tourists and adventure sports lovers due to the glaciers, mountains, Manikarnika ghat, rivers, ashrams, mandirs and waterfalls.


Hrishikesh or Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of the world and another religious site in the state. The distance from Haridwar is just 28 km and it is situated en route to Badrinath. You will definitely enjoy the Shivalik mountain range. Don’t forget to visit Swargashram and Muni-ki-Reti.

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