How to Reach Nagaland

By Air:

The distance of Dimapur Airport from Kohima is 43.5 miles or 70.0 km. At the same time, the distance from Dimapur is 4.3 miles or 7 km. Dimapur Airport is the only airport in the state which offers listed commercial flights to Dibrugarh in Assam and Kolkata in West Bengal. The length of the blacktop runway of this airfield is 7,513 feet, with an altitude of 487 feet.

By Road:

The span of National Highways is 365.3 km (227.0 miles), state roadways and other roadways is 1,094.5 km (680.1 miles). Roadways are the mainstay of the transportation network of the state. In addition, more than 15,000 km of surfaced roads is there in the state, however they are not kept up in an adequate manner which can be attributed to the losses caused by climate. Nagaland ranks as the second best state in the territory following Arunachal Pradesh with respect to number of people served for every kilometer of surfaced road.

  • Highways and towns served
  • Highway into the state:
  • National highways: 365.3 km (227.0 miles)
  • NH 29: (216.0 km or 134.2 miles) Imphal-Mao-Kohima-Dimapur
  • NH 61: Tuli-Changtongya-Mokokchung-Wokha-Tseminyu-Wokha-Kohima
  • NH 150: Jessami-Kohima thru Pfutsero-Chakhabama (120.1 km or 74.6 miles)
  • NH 36: Nagaon-Doboka-Dimapur (169.9 km or 105.6 miles)
  • NH 155: Jessami-Mokukchung thru Kiphire-Tuesang (333.0 km or 206.9 miles)

The span of state highways in the state is 1,094.5 km or 680.1 miles. Given below are the names:

  • Kohima–Meluri thru Chakhabama
  • Chakabama–Mokokchung via Chazuba and Zunheboto
  • Mokokchung–Mariani
  • Namtola–Mon
  • Mokokchung–Tuensang
  • Tuensang–Kiphire–Meluri
  • Tuensang–Mon–Naginimora
  • Wokha–Merapani Road

By Rail:

There is minimum railway transportation network in the state of Nagaland. The length of broad gauge tracks is 12.84 km (7.98 miles).
North East Frontier Railway:
Broad gauge:
Total: 12.84 km (7.98 miles)

Short trips:

The places listed below are perfect locations for short trips or excursions:

  • Kohima
  • Dimapur
  • Tuensang
  • Zunheboto
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