The major places of interest in the state of Gujarat

Gujarat is famous for its Jain temples, stepped wells, Asiatic lion and business-friendly ambience. The scenic beauty of the state makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. The flora and fauna of the state are quite diverse. The seashores, religious places, museums, and ancient monuments add to its charm. People come to this state to buy exquisite handicrafts, cloth materials, and savor delicious cuisines. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi are two luminaries who were born in Gujarat and played a key role in India’s freedom. The most visited tourist attractions in Gujarat are as follows:


Gandhinagar is the capital and a major business hub in the state. Due to its proximity to Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar is regarded as the twin city of Ahmedabad. The distance between the two cities is just 23 km. The city houses a number of educational institutions, government offices, research centers, Vidhan Sabha (legislative assembly) and administrative headquarters. The city is mostly famous for the Akshardham Temple. This place of worship is beautified by wonderful sculptures and pink stones. It is also bordered by picturesque lawns and splendid fountains. The laser water display brings a large number of visitors to the temple. Gandhinagar houses a number of other tourist attractions including Sarita Udyan, Vithalbhai Patel Bhawan (Capital Complex), Deer (Indroda) Park, Children’s Park, GIFT City Tower, and Adalaj Stepwell.


Set up by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411, Ahmedabad served as the capital of the state of Gujarat till 1970. Lying on the riverbanks of Sabarmati, the city got its name from Ahmed Shah, its ruler. It is also dubbed as the “Manchester of the East” because of its prosperous garment manufacturing industry. Other than this, the city features a rich blend of its glorious past and energetic present. The textile city of India houses a number of historic monuments and mansions that are intricately designed. The biggest city of Gujarat is home to a number of tourist draws such as Balvatika, Ahmed Shah’s Mosque, Siddhi Sayad Masjid, Daria Khan’s Ghummat, Swaminarayan Temple, Gita Temple, Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaza, Hatisinh Mandir, Jumma Masjid, Jhulta Minar, Rani Roopmati Mosque, Rani Sipri’s Mosque and Tomb, Shah Alam’s Rauza, Kankaria Lake, Sabarmati Ashram, and Dada Hari Vava.


Porbander is essentially the end of Saurashtra and it is a beautiful harbor on the Arabian Sea. The distance from Ahmedabad is around 395 km. Due to its white stone structures, Porbandar is dubbed as the White City. It is also famous for being the hometown of Mahatma Gandhi. The seashore is calm with a number of country houses on it. Porbandar is also a major business hub with a number of chemical and cement manufacturing companies operating there.


Rajkot is a picturesque and developing city in Gujarat. Lying on the riverbanks of Niari and Aji, Rajkot serves as the administrative headquarters of the district with the same name. Previously, it served as the capital of Saurashtra and is situated at a distance of 216 km from Ahmedabad. In 1612, the city was established by Thakur Sahib Vibhaji Ajoji Jadeja of the Jadeja community. The place is also famous for the non-violence campaigns initiated by Mahatma Gandhi. The top tourist draws in this city include the following: Sardar Smriti Bhawan, Aji Dam, Kaba Ghandina Delo or Mahatma Gandhi’s residence, Rajkumar College, Lal Pari Lake & Renderda, Jubilee Gardens and Watson Museum.


The settlement of Jamnagar was set up in the year 1540 AD and it is also dubbed as the Jewel of Kathiawad. The distance from Rajkot is around 92 km and from Ahmedabad, it is 300 km. Jamnagar is a seaside area and features an attractive fusion of the contemporary and the past since it is home to a number of prehistoric memorials, stately frontages, wide thoroughfares, as well as plazas that make it one of the top tourist destinations in the Saurashtra peninsula. The city is also famous for its golden embroidery, silk, tableware made of silver, and Bandhani textiles.

Sasan Gir:

Sasan Gir Wildlife Reserve is famous for its Asiatic lions. There are around 300 lions in this reserve. It is situated on the southwestern border of the cape of Saurashtra. In 1913, the reserve was set up to safeguard the biggest existing flock of lions. Sasan Gir received the position of a wildlife reserve in the year 1965. The flora of this place is quite diverse in nature, comprising Butea frondosa (dhak), Shorea (sal), as well as thorn bushes. Gir Wildlife Reserve is presently the exclusive place in globe beyond the African continent where you can watch the lion in his natural environment.


Dwarka is a holy place and is one of the Char Dhams or four most famous Hindu pilgrimages. The distance from Jamnagar is around 145 km and from Ahmedabad, it is 444 km. Dwarka is mostly famous for the Dwarkadheesh Temple and it is believed the sanctum sanctorum of this mandir has a history of 2500 years and is named as Nij Mandir. The Dwarkanath Temple, another major tourist draw, is devoted to Lord Krishna.


Junagadh lies at the base of the Girnar Mountains. The name was originated from the citadel which surrounds the old city. The proclamations by King Ashoka bear testimony to the fact that this place was a major economic hub since 250 BC. There are many archeological locations and ancient memorials that you will find in the city that bear witness to the glorious past of the area.

Somnath Veraval:

From Veraval, the distance of Somnath is around 5 km. This temple is one of the twelve Jyothirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. There is a saying that this mandir was initially constructed by the Moon God or Somraj with gold and subsequently, it was reconstructed by Ravana with silver and Lord Krishna with timber and lastly by Bhimdev with rock. Therefore, the coastal place of worship was set up in four phases. Another name of Somnath Temple is Prabhas Patan. Also visit Triveni Ghat, Junagadh Gate, Ahilyabai Mandir, Dehotsarga, Bhalka Tirth, Museum and Manipur Masjid.

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