How to Reach Chhattisgarh

By Air:

In comparison to other states, the airways transport infrastructure in the state is not so developed. The principal airport of the state is Raipur Airport, also known as Swami Vivekananda Airport. It is the exclusive airport in the city with planned commercial flight facilities. Raipur Airport is connected with all the major cities in the nation. Raipur Airport offers an air-taxi service “on demand” to places like Jagdalpur, Korba, Ambikapur, Raigarh, Jashpur and Baikunthpur.
In July 2013, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the State Government of Chhattisgarh and the AAI (Airports Authority of India) to promote Raigarh Airport as the 2nd airport in the state for inland flights.
Given below are the names of the airports in Chhattisgarh:

  • Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur
  • Jagdalpur Airport
  • Bilaspur Airport
  • Raigarh Airport

In addition, there are a number of airfields in the state and they are as follows:

  • Baikunth Airfield (Baikunth)
  • Nandini Airport (Bhilai)
  • JSPL’s Airfield (Raigarh)
  • Kondatarai Airfield (Raigarh)
  • Korba Airfield (Korba)
  • Darima Airfield (Ambikapur)
  • Dondi Airfield, Dondi, Durg
  • Agdih Airfield, Jashpur

Kingfisher Red, Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways offer regular flights to and from Chhattisgarh.

By Road:

Chhattisgarh is home to a broad roadways network which helps in connecting all parts of the country with the state. The tehsils, district headquarters, and development blocks enjoy excellent connectivity via dependable roads that are usable in all kinds of weather.
There are eleven national highways that run across Chhattisgarh and their overall span is around 2,184 km. They are as follows: NH 16, NH 6, NH 12A, NH 43, NH 111, NH 78, NH 202, NH 200, NH 217, NH 216, NH 30 and NH 221.

The principal district roadways and state highways comprise one more network spanning 8,031 km. This joins Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Since 2012, 2316 roads of CG have been allowing the movement of 6,635 passenger cars in all. The transportation affairs of the state are managed via 22 transport bureaus that are fully computerized.

By Rail:

Nearly the whole railways network covering the state of Chhattisgarh falls under the geographical authority of the South East Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways. The entire zone revolves around Bilaspur, and it serves as the zonal head office of the South East Central Railways. In 1878, the building of the former Nagpur-Chhattisgarh railway track started in 1882. The other principal railway junctions in the state are Durg and Raipur Junction. Durg serves as the terminus of various long-distance trains.

The three railway junctions (Bilaspur, Durg, and Raipur) enjoy excellent connectivity with all the key cities in the country. The volume of cargo loading is the maximum in Chhattisgarh across India and a considerable amount of revenue of Indian Railway is generated by this state. The span of railways network in CG is around 1,108 km. Meanwhile, a third line has been specially made which joins Raigarh and Raipur. Setting up of a number of new railway tracks is in progress. They include Pendra Road – Gevra Road railway track, Dalli-Rajhara–Jagdalpur railway track, Barwadih-Chirmiri railway track, and Bhupdeopur to Raigarh-Mand coal mine railway track.

Short trips:

The places given below are ideal for excursions or short trips:

  • Sirpur
  • Gariaband
  • Mainpat
  • Champaranya
  • Malhar
  • Bhoramdeo
  • Dongargarh
  • Aranyak caves
  • Charama valley
  • Keshkal valley
  • Dantewada
  • Indravati National Park
  • Amarkantak
  • Kangerghati National Park
  • Danteswari Temple
  • Dudhadhari Math
  • Banjari Baba
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