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The major places of interest in the state of Meghalaya

In the past, travelers coming from other countries needed exclusive permits to visit the places that comprise the contemporary state. Nevertheless, the prohibitions were withheld in 1955. Because of its diversity of flora and fauna, it has earned the position as one of the most beautiful states of India. There are a number of rivers in the state. It is home to a number of tourist attractions that can draw travelers with varied curiosities. The state is affluent with a variety of fauna. The thick jungles of the state are the natural habitats of various uncommon types of creatures and birds such as tigers, elephants, arboreal civets, stocky lemur, golden cats, monkeys, partridges, hornbills, snipes, teals, and quails. Meghalaya is speckled with various traveler draws. The most visited tourist attractions in Meghalaya are as follows:

Shillong: Shillong is a perfect vacationing site round the year. The residents, the area, as well as the pleasant weather all blend to make it a top tourist destination in the state. The distance of Cherrapunji, the place with the maximum precipitation in the world, is just 56 km. Visit the Botanical Garden & Museum, Ward Lake, Lady Hydari Park and Mini Zoo, Meghalaya State Museum, Wei Tdem (Sweet Falls), Crinoline Falls and Swimming Pool, Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, Iewduh Bara Bazar, Arunachal Pradesh Museum, Bishop and Beadon Falls, Butterfly Museum, Umiam Lake and Shillong Golf Course (one of the best in India).

Cherrapunji: This place ranks among the most famous destinations in Northeastern India. Guided trips of Tree Root Bridges are available. Cherrapunji is situated towards the south of Shillong and the way joining the two places covers a distance of around 50 km and the entire itinerary is picturesque. Don’t forget to visit the Ramakrishna Mission in this place.

Waterfalls and hot springs: The famous waterfalls in Meghalaya include the Shadthum Falls, Elephant Falls, Bishop Falls, Weinia falls, Langshiang Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, and Sweet Falls. Jakrem houses a number of hot springs close to Mawsynram and it is assumed that they bear therapeutic and herbal attributes.

Nongkhnum Island: This island lies in the district of West Khasi Hills and it is the largest river island in the state, and also ranks as the 2nd in the Asian continent. The distance from Nongstoin is 14 km. The island was created as a result of the splitting of Kynshi River into two parts, the Namliang River and the Phanliang River. Alongside the sandy shore of the Phanliang River, there is a quite picturesque lagoon. The Phanliang River subsequently advances and prior to arriving at a deep canyon, creates a scenic waterfall with an elevation of around 60 meters. The name of this fall is Shadthum Fall.

Mawphlang Holy Forest: The state is famous for its "sacred groves" as well. They have been kept by the conventional spiritual authorities from the prehistoric period. Law Lyngdoh, or the Mawphlang Holy Forest, is among the most well-known holy jungles. The distance from Shillong is around 25 km. If you are a nature lover, then you should see this place.

Mawlynnong: The small settlement named Mawlynnong lies close to the frontier between Bangladesh and India. It is famous for its spotless features. Discover India, the popular travel journal, adjudged the area as the neatest in the country in 2005, as well as the neatest in the whole continent in 2003. The salient aspects of the place that make it special include the existence of a Living Root Bridge. You will also find one more phenomenon of nature in the form of a huge piece of rock resting on another stone. The surfacing of the place as a new traveler’s draw is regarded as one of the most noteworthy improvements in the past 10 years.

Lakes and parks: The state is home to various manmade and natural lakes. The Bara Pani Lake, signifying big water, has another name, the Umiam Lake. When you are traveling to Shillong from Guwahati, you will find this popular destination. There are many parks as well and popular among them are the Eco-park, Thangkharang Park, Lady Hydari Park, and the Botanical Garden. Dawki serves as the entrance to Bangladesh and its distance from Shillong is around 96 Km. The place offers magnificent sights of the towering mountain ranges in the state and close to the boundaries with Bangladesh.

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